Ukzn’s graduation will always be a success and it’s inspiring



As far as the Ukzn’s graduation ended, I thought I must share this article with you hopefully you will be inspired too.  Our parents taught us different things, from morals to “ubuntu”, and also a respect but there is that one common thing that  they always want us to have, they worry themselves alot about this, it’s “Education”. Our parents also motivate us, guide us and play a huge role in terms of who we are and what we want to be. We grow up having our own dreams that we will like to have in future. We know that University Of KwaZulu Natal is one of the best university in our country, last week I was honored to attend a graduation ceremony at Westville Campus on Thursday, 10 April 2014  with my colleague from Enactus-Ukzn,Jennifer Dube. I must say I was so inspired and motivated to see the graduates with their gowns going there and there,up and down, smiling to one another, they were excited and walking with “pride” and what I’ve realized is that our university is so diverse, its accomodate everyone.


Westville Campus graduates (image from Ukzn’s facebook page)

From social networks like twitter, facebook (etc) Ukzn’s graduation was trending since from 6 April to 15 April 2014, that excitement, pictures showing how proud people are about our graduates was just amazing, meanwhile according to @TrendsmapDurban on twitter, the #ukzngraduation was trending too. One of the student at University Of KwaZulu Natal, Bongie Phungula on facebook posted ”angisahali jeso” meaning that she can’t wait for her graduation in next few years infact just one year as she is a third year this year, she was so impressed. She was also one of the students who were watching the graduation on a live stream, am glad that I was one of them too, since Monday to Wednesday. Some of the graduates who made us proud at Ukzn this year amongst others were: Lindiwe Sibiya, Luthando Bhengu, Nokwanda Hlengwa, Shauntelle Khumalo, Ntando Magaba, our former Src president for 2013, Sibongiseni known as ”De Klerk” Dhlamini from Edgewood Campus, Sibusisiwe Nomthandazo Nkosi from Howard college and many more. Meanwhile the one who made history in University of KwaZuluNatal, by being the youngest Medical Graduate Dr Sandile Kubheka, graduated with his MBChB degree from UKZN’s College of Health Sciences at the young age of 20 was also the part of a successful graduation in the year 2014. I therefore had a nice and successful interview with some of our graduates, here is our interview with the graduates.

Nokwanda Hlengwa, a motivated soul 

According to Nokwanda, it took just one week to prepare for a graduation ceremony. I also asked who and why did she take this course?  And she answered ”I always wanted to be a teacher from my childhood I was then inspired by my former high school teacher who taught me History, he made me realize that I can make a good teacher.” Same thing happened to me like Nokwanda, I was inspired
by my Accounting teacher, Mrs Shabangu who also assisted me emotionally through motivation.

I then had an interview with Lindiwe ”Leen” Sibiya and our interview goes like this:

Wow congratulations for your graduation, now tell us: Who and what inspired you to take this course?
She then replied: ”No one inspired me I loved teaching since I was a kid I used to play teacher when I play with my mates from there I knew teaching was my passion , so when I got the M.P bursary it was a bonus I was so happy”. Great stuff, Lindiwe.


Some of the graduates: Nomaswazi Ndummy Dube and a friend were very excited

Lastly I had another amazing interview with Tintswalo Ngulele, she is also one of the respected and an active member from Enactus-Ukzn, and our interview goes like this:


Again well done Ms Ngulele for being a graduate of Ukzn, please share with us: Which course are you in?
she said ”I am currently pursuing Bcom Management Honour Degree”  this sounded so interesting to me I further asked, How long did it take to prepare for this wonderful and memoriable day then answered ”It took me about a month to prepare but solid preparations were finalized in the last two weeks, its unbelievable hey, when I asked her why she took this course out of all,she said ”I’ve always been big on communication and had an interest in business during my high school years. I wouldn’t say I had an inspiration but I looked through the UKZN prospectus and B.S.S Management and Communication sparked interest, upon researching on it , it made sense.This made me realize according to Tintswalo that she is also keen to find information and is also willing to find more
Followed by Mr Bhongo Mtshizana from Edgewood Campus, he is one of the graduates who were very excited about the graduation, the day before the graduation he then posted a picture on facebook.


He is also one of the graduates in Ukzn, this shows that if you work hard, your dreams will definately come true.  These are people that will now change lives in our community. According to one of the graduates from Westville campus stated clearly that it takes dedication, hard work and a support from different people especially from our parents and friends even a community as a whole. I then read few quotes and I liked this one, “A dream is your creation vision for your life in the future, you must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown”-Denis Waitley, (

 From above all, and from the interview I’ve had with our graduates, I was more inspired and am glad that in few months I will be one of the graduates in Ukzn. Remember to surround yourself with positive people if you want to succeed.


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