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It been almost two weeks, without blogging about anything, and am telling you it was beyond my control, assignments, family issues, and you can imagine my exams are around the corner, and moreover am assisting my arts and culture students with what we call ”Sophiatown dance group” as they will be performing on Wednesday, so its keep me so busy but am glad that today I will be sharing something with you, with this little time that I am having. Today, I want you to have a clear picture about Mxolisi Mkhize, actually things that I like, dislike, people who always inspire me.

Photo by Zama Radebe, one of my best friends, Ukzn Edgewood Campus


Mxolisi Mkhize Is just a normal guy like you,lol. These words can define and give you a clear picture about Mxolisi. Passionate, A big Dreamer, lol, Hard-worker, Intelligent, Positive and I surround myself with positive people, Straight talker, hahah I know you wont like that but yes thats me, in a sense that I can’t hide my feelings, if you disappointed me, I just tell you, if you did well I will also appreciate there n there and am not jealousy, Supportive, Homosexual, I also believe in Motivation. Another most special thing to have is a Role model, people that we are looking up to, while we are towards our dreams, seeing your self as your role model is not wrong actually it another way of inspiring ourselves, remember you are special, you are there to serve a purpose, the reason why we fail its because we forget that we have a purpose which we are given by our almighty to serve while we are in this world, you feeling down ? Pray, you feeling lonely, don’t mind that God is there for you and most importantly as I’ve said its important to surround your self with positive people in life, lastly, I know very well we need friends, but life is not about FRIENDSHIP! you can have friends but if they are not the kind that you are, then they are not your friends, you can also have friends but if they don’t have any support, you are nothing. Again, Respect, respect your friends, your family, your neighbours, infact respect everyone because you may never know if you will need them in future.

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To mention few people who always inspire me in each and everyday, here are some:

Linda Sibiya, motivational speaker , Tv presenter

Linda Sibiya, motivational speaker , Tv presenter and people like Sthembiso Zondo,  these people I add them and follow them on my social networks because they give me that kind of hope, to be strong and survive and shine either after facing challenges, I cant make that mistake not to mention my mom too, this woman is everything she struggled for me and besides life is not enough with out her, (ngyamthanda lomuntu), I always say I adore her. You know, I believe alot in motivation so here are my few quotes for today

Linda Sibiya always says:

Google images, motivational quotes

Google images, motivational quote

Google images, motivational quotes

Google images, motivational quotes