Hi friends,

I know it a public holiday, you are spending your day with families, friends, (etc) even alone hey it’s cool but this week I wanted to come up with a unique topic, that you never realized before,I thought as much, and I said let me spread the word about competitions for today. I know the question is: What about them? Uhm, this article is basically about my experiences about competitions and is about motivating you if you never tried to enter any particular competition and or tried but you didn’t win anything. I personally believe and know that competitions do exist, here are some of my experiences: It was February this year I just won my self an Adidas voucher for about R500 and got this from BeaverCanoe, BeaverCanoe is also available at Mega City, Bridge city (etc)

(Beavercanoe’s Logo,google images) You can also like their page on facebook and follow them on twitter @BeaverCanoeZA)
That was the best gift I’ve ever received, besides I do this on weekends (entering competitions) when am refreshing my mind and am telling you it works, what we only need is be patient only. Recently, I won a pair of urbaners headphones too, this sounds great too

Really there is nothing which motivates more than winning in any competition, I also won things like Pep vouchers, Airtime and many more gifts, now you can say ”congrats Mxolisi”. I take competitions as the way of thanking customers and either another way of giving back to their customers (businesses).

There are some of the KEYthings that  you must consider in most competitions:

  • Ensure that you have your email with you: Most competitions will require you to have an email so try to create your email eg. gmail email account
  • Winners are chosen randomly in most times: This mean that you have to be patient, your time is coming
  • Remember: Ensure that you check your email daily, in case if you won
  • Make use of your social networks in order to know latest competitions: Here am naming like facebook, instagram, twitter, newspapers (etc)
  • Don’t try to overdo it, speed kills
  • Again keep on trying, Good luck!!!

Once again, I like to thank alot about compliments, comments that I’ve been getting last week you guys are the best, remember am also on twitter @mxolisimkhizeh
My email: mxoemkhize@gmail.com
Thank you, till next time!