Today, I just came up with this topic ”Teachers”. This is because I was and am still worried the way people take teachers and teaching as a whole, it’s embarrassing, it a fact that without teachers we are nothing, so today I felt like I need to share something with you guys so that we take our ”teachers” seriously especially when they are doing their work. On my own opinion it is very wrong, we know how to write our names, I know how to read english properly, I am blogging right now because of my teachers, these people need a mutual respect infact, they play a huge and different role(s) in our lives, to make who we are, they produced people like Doctors, respective churchmen, chartered accountants, artists, nurses (etc), so why are we looking them as if they are nothing? While they have their degrees, masters, honours degree, doctorates? Does this make any sense? unfortunately the answer is no!!! Here is just a definition of a T.E.A.C.H.E.R











■The fact is also that teachers play a big role in our lives, they are not just there to teach our learners or either to teach us but they become our parents at school, pastors, even in our community, during the day. They motivate us, inspire us , guide us.They also become our role models, in my case I was inspired by my former class teacher in Grade 9, Mrs Shabangu, she made me realise that I will be a good teacher in future but besides that, I was also passionate about teaching, I was also teaching our class mates ,I used to write on the board even after school to see if am I able to use a chalkboard. I’ve been teaching Grade 9 last year, and I heard one of the learners saying ”I love my teacher”. To me that’s sounded so interesting hey.


■Respecting our teachers will not just mean that we are able to study but it also improves our listening skills and also will help to benefit those who are studying here I mean they will benefit academically, great academic performance can be archieved, if we are listening clearly to our parents, remember they had dreams too like us. In most times we just take them as our friends and forget that they are our parents too.








We need to thank our teachers as I said, congratulate them for their outstanding work that they did to us, lets appreciate them for guiding us, and making us, we are here today because of them, their role is wonderful. Just imagine, if we didn’t have teachers in our lives. You and I WERE not be able to :

  • Read and write
  • Counting from 0 to 10 atleast
  • Speak English
  • Even to study.

So why are we treating them like this?

Why we take them for granted?

Lets appreciate their presence as well as their effort

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