It was 2011 August, in Grade 12 C, the day that changed my life completely, I was in a classroom like every learner in a class but busy revising my favourite subject, Accounting. Our class teacher Mrs Shabangu, called me, I was nervous, I felt like I did something wrong but she proved me wrong though, she asked me about any plans that am having for the future, I didn’t know how can I respond to her because I knew that my mom, won’t be able to afford university fees. She then told me about REAP Programme, explained to me more information about how it works.Who knew? I was chosen to have an interview with REAP Student advisors. Then on Friday, my principal Mr Madlala, told me that student Advisors known as SDA’s from REAP Programme, will be at school to have an interview with me if I really need this bursary or not, fortunately I passed that interview and was shortlisted after that.







My first year started at Ukzn-Edgewood Campus on 2012, February, It was a stressful year, am telling you, The peer pressure, living life without parents’ guidance, no one cares in this place, at the end of the day you need to know where you coming from and believe in your dream, REAP Programme, student advisor Ms Pinky Mathonsi became a friend, sister, mother to me, in case where I needed any assistance she was always there. My life became a blessing more and more, the support that I received on a daily basis, I must say REAP student advisors are the best, they are professionally trained too. Some of the requirements that we are REAP Students need to do.

Attending workshop

Participate in a community service only for 3-5 days 

Attend monthly contact session with our student advisors

Continue to study hard in your studies

Participate in any particular sport or either organization from your campus

By these above mentioned requirements, you are a fully member under REAP Programme, I’ve done all of this too, now the benefits of being a REAP student: This is a full cost bursary, you don’t pay any cent, it pays for accommodation, residence fees, sport, you communicate with many people, attend various student development sessions which also help you with many things. Besides that everything depends on how you handle you self, your dedication, hard work pays off.