Top 6 Inspiring people in my life

Hi readers, It’s been a while without blogging and it was really hard and not forgetting love that you all given me in my blogs, the support that you have towards me it’s really unbelievable. In today’s post am having a best feature , five people who are my role-models, heroes ad heroines. Here are people that play a huge role in my life. These are the best!!!

1. Minnie Dlamini


2.Angelina Motshekga


3. Maps Maponyane



. Kwesta - pic 4

5. and she’s everybody’s icon


6. and Hill Harper


Thanks for reading this feature, more is still to come you are also free to share with me your heroes and heroines that makes your dream  grow everyday , people that you are looking to, loves Mxoe


My father (Few words of motivation)

This is inspired by my brother whom from talking to today, I gathered has not healed from losing our father and has a hard time understanding that family can sometimes disappoint you…


He asked how I manage to talk about my father with a smile and to live my life like I have no pain. Did I forget our father, he asked…

First of all, I haven’t forgotten and I never will. I still feel those pains but I have learnt to live with them. My answer to him is GRACE, it has taken God’s grace for me to get here. It took solitude, tears and hours everyday spent on my knees to get here. I prayed for grace and God gave it to me in abundance. That is how and why I smile through life, how i am living with my mum’s death.
2Cor 12:9 is true in my life…
“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”
He gave me grace, sufficient grace at a time I was down to nothing emotionally and you can see His power in my smile today.


Why do I speak so positively despite all I have been through.
If i look back at where I have come from, at all I have overcome, it would be an insult to God if i didnt live my life in faith.
He has come through for me in such tough situations, its hard for me not to believe that he will continue to come through for me no matter what!

I have not had the easiest life especially after my mum but the life my mother gave me, this sums up why I look like I have no problems…
Phil 4:12
“I know what it is to be in need and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learnt the secret if being content in any and every situation. whether well fed or hungry,whether living in plenty or in want.”

When you are on your knees, you are in a perfect position to pray.

The Lord will meet you at your lowest point. Pray my brother, pray for grace!

An EXCLUSIVE interview with Sifiso Leonard, the make-up artist!!!


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Hi readers and my followers, am glad that I had a wonderful chat with one of my friends, advisor, motivator, fashionista ”Sifiso Candice Leonard” and and besides he is our make -up artist. I met him through facebook, after realising that Sifiso is a make-up artist I always wanted to have an interview with this soul, a motivated soul. Sifiso Leonard was born at East Rand of Johannesburg, Gauteng, (27) years. Sifiso is currently a student at SA COLLEGE OF BEAUTY AND HEALTH. Sifiso is also currently studying at Ekrhuleni East college, studying call centre operations and communications, currently owning a growing up business called Diamonds Look Leonardo. Sifiso known as a queer rights activist, model, Miss Gay KwaThwema, Princess of Pegasons, Princess of Simply Blue, Miss Top Model and I like the fact that Sifiso is working on being Miss Gay SA, I know this will happen. To know more about our make up artist I then further asked more about Sifiso, here is our Q&A:

Now its time to work

Now its time to work

1. What does ”make up artist” mean to you?
To me make up artistry is arts expressing your feelings and invisible visions at the sametime its theraphy because I believe that when you look good you feel good and when you feel good you do good which is very essential for a human health.

2.Any difficulties you overcame since you started your business?
The ignorance among black people with myth and fear of trying something different, and mostly the financial support which is the most problem in many businesses.

3. Where do you see yourself in the next three years?
I see myself working with the productions for Tv and film and also having my own brand (S. Leonardo) and also equipping black kids (plowing back to the community)

4.Besides being a make up artist, what else do you do?
I am a student, I am a latin dancer, I am also busy doing photo shoots with Inkanyiso Media Production which is ran by Professor Zanele Muholi from Durban but stay in Joburg.

Sifiso Leonard (the make up artist), young entrepreneur

Sifiso Leonard (the make up artist), young entrepreneur

Lets know MORE about Sifiso now( your social life).
5. What keeps you inspired in each and everyday even though you are not well emotionally?
The word of God inspires me most, the fact that I pass through trials and tributions of life, the fact that I cry today and stand strong with hope and smile I’m my own inspiration

6. Facebook/ Twitter? ….Facebook
7. People think I am ….Full of myself, some think I’m hard to hang out with for being honest especially with human preferences and differences

8. My role model is ….. My late mom *tear*
9. My favourite quote(s)….”There is power in the name of Jesus”

10. My achievements are….
⦁ Certificate of Best Public Speak at Gauteng Legislature
⦁ First black man who finished 100mm with a breast stroke only in swimming
⦁ Certicate of best male dancer at the Masakhane Arts and Culture festival signed with the Grahamstown Arts Festival

From the above interview I can say I gained that we need to have hope, know who God is, have dreams, Sifiso also had his dreams and now some he is living them others will also

happen one day, I was honored to interview this young entreprenuer.

If you have any questions or you want to book Sifiso;

Connect with him on  Facebook or TWITTER. You can also drop an email to:

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A graduate

A graduate

At work

At work

Things I’m Loving Lately



Hi friends, I thought I must share this with you, the article is about few things that am really forwarding to have at the end of this month, from Mr Price, what I like about them its because they will also help me during my teaching practice, by the way on the other side I like wearing formal clothes, its makes you presentable and its professionally, I really cant wait to have them, have a look:

You can find #MrPrice on facebook and on twitter and also their website

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Edgewood’s got talent by Enactus-Ukzn



Hello readers and followers, today I wanted to share with you this little information as I was one of those luckiest to be part and parcel of Edgewood’s got talent which was held at Mmlt, Ukzn edgewood campus by Enactus Ukzn yesterday, of which I am a member too in this organisation, this was a way of fundraising funds.


Its amazing how talented these people are, I couldn’t believe that we do have such people on campus, I mean its just wonderful how these talented student teachers are, the reason why am saying this its because its so important to use your talent while you are living. Ayanda Maraqana (poet), was one of the performers in this event. There are many reasons why I wanted to attend this event, like to appreciate those people who are not afraid  about their talents, this might somewhere somehow inspire and motivate those who don’t know what they must do with their talents, and I also I wanted to see Senzosenkosi verb ( a guy who was a Top 16 finalist on so you think you can dance), doing his best on stage, fortunately he did it very well with his crew, he was the guest infact.


He and his crew did a wonderful performance called KRUMP. Contestants also were categorised according as: Music, poetry, upcoming talent, dance (etc). The show was great this taught me that we must not be shy to show our talents because they are also a blessing to us. Finally the top 6 was chosen, to mention few one of my friends Snenhlanhla was also those who were on the top 6 list, congrats!!!Enactus members, thank you! And to every member who also attended this event thank you and thank you again

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Ukzn’s edgewood campus students showing us FASHION!!!



You dearest readers, today I wanted to show you that Yes! we know fashion, in this blog I therefore realised few things about my campus mates from Edgewood Campus,Ukzn

They are not just our future teachers but they also have that what I can call as ”fashion style”. Unfortunately, lol not all of them they don’t wanna support one another, I was planning to have this article last week well am not blaming anyone for this but to me it was unexpected.

While below its Philani Nkontwane and his friend, Minenhle Dladla.


This is Sandile Chamane, I chose to use both pictures, I liked everything about his pictures  he knows fashion,look:




My friends above from Zama Mhlongo to Nqobile Mkhize and Nobuhle Gumede, I like these shades and hopefully I will have them one day.

I can get over the fact that Bongie Phungula is photogenic, this is her picture with her friends too, again I like these shades, infact I feel naked without shades, lol I make sure that within three months I buy my new shades, even though I know my self that am careless sometimes


Followed by a young and a kind Divah, I call her as my ”real fashionista” when it comes to fashion, by the way she is Tumelo ”Baceeh” Mkhize


Another best one from Tumelo


Below its Phumzile Mdlalose








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Know more about me, I am Mxolisi Mkhize

Hi friends

It been almost two weeks, without blogging about anything, and am telling you it was beyond my control, assignments, family issues, and you can imagine my exams are around the corner, and moreover am assisting my arts and culture students with what we call ”Sophiatown dance group” as they will be performing on Wednesday, so its keep me so busy but am glad that today I will be sharing something with you, with this little time that I am having. Today, I want you to have a clear picture about Mxolisi Mkhize, actually things that I like, dislike, people who always inspire me.

Photo by Zama Radebe, one of my best friends, Ukzn Edgewood Campus


Mxolisi Mkhize Is just a normal guy like you,lol. These words can define and give you a clear picture about Mxolisi. Passionate, A big Dreamer, lol, Hard-worker, Intelligent, Positive and I surround myself with positive people, Straight talker, hahah I know you wont like that but yes thats me, in a sense that I can’t hide my feelings, if you disappointed me, I just tell you, if you did well I will also appreciate there n there and am not jealousy, Supportive, Homosexual, I also believe in Motivation. Another most special thing to have is a Role model, people that we are looking up to, while we are towards our dreams, seeing your self as your role model is not wrong actually it another way of inspiring ourselves, remember you are special, you are there to serve a purpose, the reason why we fail its because we forget that we have a purpose which we are given by our almighty to serve while we are in this world, you feeling down ? Pray, you feeling lonely, don’t mind that God is there for you and most importantly as I’ve said its important to surround your self with positive people in life, lastly, I know very well we need friends, but life is not about FRIENDSHIP! you can have friends but if they are not the kind that you are, then they are not your friends, you can also have friends but if they don’t have any support, you are nothing. Again, Respect, respect your friends, your family, your neighbours, infact respect everyone because you may never know if you will need them in future.

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To mention few people who always inspire me in each and everyday, here are some:

Linda Sibiya, motivational speaker , Tv presenter

Linda Sibiya, motivational speaker , Tv presenter and people like Sthembiso Zondo,  these people I add them and follow them on my social networks because they give me that kind of hope, to be strong and survive and shine either after facing challenges, I cant make that mistake not to mention my mom too, this woman is everything she struggled for me and besides life is not enough with out her, (ngyamthanda lomuntu), I always say I adore her. You know, I believe alot in motivation so here are my few quotes for today

Linda Sibiya always says:

Google images, motivational quotes

Google images, motivational quote

Google images, motivational quotes

Google images, motivational quotes






Today, I just came up with this topic ”Teachers”. This is because I was and am still worried the way people take teachers and teaching as a whole, it’s embarrassing, it a fact that without teachers we are nothing, so today I felt like I need to share something with you guys so that we take our ”teachers” seriously especially when they are doing their work. On my own opinion it is very wrong, we know how to write our names, I know how to read english properly, I am blogging right now because of my teachers, these people need a mutual respect infact, they play a huge and different role(s) in our lives, to make who we are, they produced people like Doctors, respective churchmen, chartered accountants, artists, nurses (etc), so why are we looking them as if they are nothing? While they have their degrees, masters, honours degree, doctorates? Does this make any sense? unfortunately the answer is no!!! Here is just a definition of a T.E.A.C.H.E.R











■The fact is also that teachers play a big role in our lives, they are not just there to teach our learners or either to teach us but they become our parents at school, pastors, even in our community, during the day. They motivate us, inspire us , guide us.They also become our role models, in my case I was inspired by my former class teacher in Grade 9, Mrs Shabangu, she made me realise that I will be a good teacher in future but besides that, I was also passionate about teaching, I was also teaching our class mates ,I used to write on the board even after school to see if am I able to use a chalkboard. I’ve been teaching Grade 9 last year, and I heard one of the learners saying ”I love my teacher”. To me that’s sounded so interesting hey.


■Respecting our teachers will not just mean that we are able to study but it also improves our listening skills and also will help to benefit those who are studying here I mean they will benefit academically, great academic performance can be archieved, if we are listening clearly to our parents, remember they had dreams too like us. In most times we just take them as our friends and forget that they are our parents too.








We need to thank our teachers as I said, congratulate them for their outstanding work that they did to us, lets appreciate them for guiding us, and making us, we are here today because of them, their role is wonderful. Just imagine, if we didn’t have teachers in our lives. You and I WERE not be able to :

  • Read and write
  • Counting from 0 to 10 atleast
  • Speak English
  • Even to study.

So why are we treating them like this?

Why we take them for granted?

Lets appreciate their presence as well as their effort

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Hi friends,

I know it a public holiday, you are spending your day with families, friends, (etc) even alone hey it’s cool but this week I wanted to come up with a unique topic, that you never realized before,I thought as much, and I said let me spread the word about competitions for today. I know the question is: What about them? Uhm, this article is basically about my experiences about competitions and is about motivating you if you never tried to enter any particular competition and or tried but you didn’t win anything. I personally believe and know that competitions do exist, here are some of my experiences: It was February this year I just won my self an Adidas voucher for about R500 and got this from BeaverCanoe, BeaverCanoe is also available at Mega City, Bridge city (etc)

(Beavercanoe’s Logo,google images) You can also like their page on facebook and follow them on twitter @BeaverCanoeZA)
That was the best gift I’ve ever received, besides I do this on weekends (entering competitions) when am refreshing my mind and am telling you it works, what we only need is be patient only. Recently, I won a pair of urbaners headphones too, this sounds great too

Really there is nothing which motivates more than winning in any competition, I also won things like Pep vouchers, Airtime and many more gifts, now you can say ”congrats Mxolisi”. I take competitions as the way of thanking customers and either another way of giving back to their customers (businesses).

There are some of the KEYthings that  you must consider in most competitions:

  • Ensure that you have your email with you: Most competitions will require you to have an email so try to create your email eg. gmail email account
  • Winners are chosen randomly in most times: This mean that you have to be patient, your time is coming
  • Remember: Ensure that you check your email daily, in case if you won
  • Make use of your social networks in order to know latest competitions: Here am naming like facebook, instagram, twitter, newspapers (etc)
  • Don’t try to overdo it, speed kills
  • Again keep on trying, Good luck!!!

Once again, I like to thank alot about compliments, comments that I’ve been getting last week you guys are the best, remember am also on twitter @mxolisimkhizeh
My email:
Thank you, till next time!

Changing Lives through REAP Programme

It was 2011 August, in Grade 12 C, the day that changed my life completely, I was in a classroom like every learner in a class but busy revising my favourite subject, Accounting. Our class teacher Mrs Shabangu, called me, I was nervous, I felt like I did something wrong but she proved me wrong though, she asked me about any plans that am having for the future, I didn’t know how can I respond to her because I knew that my mom, won’t be able to afford university fees. She then told me about REAP Programme, explained to me more information about how it works.Who knew? I was chosen to have an interview with REAP Student advisors. Then on Friday, my principal Mr Madlala, told me that student Advisors known as SDA’s from REAP Programme, will be at school to have an interview with me if I really need this bursary or not, fortunately I passed that interview and was shortlisted after that.







My first year started at Ukzn-Edgewood Campus on 2012, February, It was a stressful year, am telling you, The peer pressure, living life without parents’ guidance, no one cares in this place, at the end of the day you need to know where you coming from and believe in your dream, REAP Programme, student advisor Ms Pinky Mathonsi became a friend, sister, mother to me, in case where I needed any assistance she was always there. My life became a blessing more and more, the support that I received on a daily basis, I must say REAP student advisors are the best, they are professionally trained too. Some of the requirements that we are REAP Students need to do.

Attending workshop

Participate in a community service only for 3-5 days 

Attend monthly contact session with our student advisors

Continue to study hard in your studies

Participate in any particular sport or either organization from your campus

By these above mentioned requirements, you are a fully member under REAP Programme, I’ve done all of this too, now the benefits of being a REAP student: This is a full cost bursary, you don’t pay any cent, it pays for accommodation, residence fees, sport, you communicate with many people, attend various student development sessions which also help you with many things. Besides that everything depends on how you handle you self, your dedication, hard work pays off.